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For all the time we spend on wheels and stance and euro lights and all the fine details that make a car look good, one of the most dominant visual aspects of a car is its color. Car shows are a rainbow, so here, for your consideration, are 10 of our favorite colors of H2O International 2016. The Top 10 Car Colors of H2Oi 2016 – by Jamie Orr

H2Oi 2016 – The Mk1s H2Oi 2016 – The Mk2s and 3s H2Oi 2016 – Bite The Back of Your Hand Beautiful Mk4s H2Oi 2016 – The Church of the Latter Day Marks H2Oi 2016 – The Odds and Sods (Passats, Audi, Beetles, Air-Cooled, etc)

The top ten wheels I chose at Waterfest 2016, detailed in an online article on, featuring size and fitment details where available. The 10 best wheels of Waterfest 2016

Waterfest 2016- – The Golfs Waterfest 2016 – The Classics Waterfest 2016 – Passats and Jettas – Eurokracy 2016 – Marks 1 through 3 – Eurokracy 2016 – The Late Models/

January 13-15 Fri/Sat/Sun – Tokyo Auto Salon – Tokyo, Japan – All Brands February 3-5 Fri/Sat/Sun – VDub Campfest – South Africa – Volkswagen/Audi only. 3-4 Fri/Sat – EuroTripper, Florida – European Brands March 12th Sun – Ultimate Dubs – Telford, England – Volkswagen/Audi only. 25th Saturday – Water By The Bridge – Louisville, Kentucky – (unknown brand mix) April 8-9 Sat/Sun – Dubshed – Belfast, Northern Ireland – VW/Audi only 9 Sun – GTI Spring Festival – England 28-1 – Tuningworld Bodensee, Germany 30 – Sunday – New England Dustoff – CT, USA – VW/Audi only May 19-21 Friday-Sunday – European Experience – Savannah, GA, USA – (All European brands) 24-27 Wed-Sat – Worthersee, Reifnitz, Austria – VW Audi only. June 3-4 Sat/Sun – Eurokracy –  Montreal, Canada – European brands 17 Sat – Players Classic – England – (all brands)25 Sun – Cult Classic – Coopersburg, PA July […]


You can view larger sized photographs in the gallery at the bottom of this page. As this was a quick and fun trip I traveled light, without my SLR camera etc so no long shots etc 🙂   Although my main cycling tour trip this year was the Tour de France, I was given the opportunity to attend a couple of days at the Spanish Vuelta which I couldn’t turn down. Stage 9 was scheduled to go through the Costa Blanca region, which is home to many Pro Team camps during the winter, and also to a small town that I grew up going to with my family when I was very young. It remains one of my favourite places in the world, so it added up to these stages being a must see for me this year. Enjoy: The summit of stage 9. It’s only a 4km climb, but […]

I didn’t take these photos, but am the first one to post them online – my dad doesn’t really do social media 🙂

This is my latest project, which is to build a brand new vehicle from scratch. I sourced the new VW Caddy bodyshell in Wolfsburg, Germany, where I travelled to collect it in person. The project will be documented through a series of editorial updates via This is the first installment, all photographs are my own. The first article published can be seen here:          

This was one of the most relaxing and fun days of photography that I’ve ever had. Apparently I’m better at taking photos of wild animals than of cars, oops.