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December 2018: Saveiro Challenge, and Volkswagen do Brasil

A 360 degree explorable photograph that I captured inside a Volkswagen Polo on the factory floor.

February 2018: The VW Citi Golf Challange



May 2018 – USA to Worthersee 3 Trip – Jamie will lead 5 USA cars, and their owners, who will join the South African Citi Golf VR6, for 14 days traveling around Europe, visiting some of the biggest car museums and locations.

April 2018 – USA to Worthersee 3 – Cars depart from the VW Port in New England.

March 2018 – Dubai – A trip to the Middle East with Volkswagen, for the Dub Drive event.

February 2018 – The South African Mk1 Citi Golf Challenge – Buy, modify, and drive a 300 horsepower Mk1 Golf across SA, in under 5 days, and then drive it 1,000 miles across South Africa to the factory that made it.

February 2018 – Volkswagen Uitenhage – Drone photo shoot in the VW Port in South Africa, and private tour of the VW Factory.

January 2018 – Tokyo and Japan – A trip to the Tokyo Auto Salon show, and an exclusive first look at a one-off Volkswagen Passat and the company who built it for Volkswagen Japan.

November 2017 – Audi Hearse Challenge Pt 2 – Jamie drove the Audi Hearse sole across America to raise money for a good cause. He completed the drive in under 48 hours, including a police stop with less than 20 miles to go.

November 2017 – Caddy Van USA project on display at SEMA/AAPEX in Las Vegas. Jamie’s hand build brand new car was transported to Nevada and put on display.

August 2017 – ‘Audi Hearse Challenge’ – After an online advert popped up listing a rare Audi Hearse for sale, in a village in central Spain, Jamie flew to Madrid and headed off with local car friends to try to purchase it. After the deal was done, the car was driven across Spain, France, Germany, and Holland, stopping at car shows and race tracks on the way, and also to buy some upgraded wheels on Germany’s Craigslist equivalent.

June 2017 – ‘Golf Harlequin Challenge’ – Fly to San Francisco, California, with a suitcase full of tools and parts, and rescue a rare VW Golf from a junkyard. And then drive it 3,500 miles home, all in under 5 days.

May 2017 – USA to Worthersee 2 – Jamie’s 1993 VW Fox, with heavily modified engine, body, and suspension, were shipping to Europe, along side the EMPI Beetle. Both toured Europe, and the EMPI was finally sold to a major collector in the UK to be added to his collection of supremely rare Volkswagens.

November 2016 – the EMPI Beetle – After selling the Limo, instead of flying home, Jamie followed a Craigslist tipoff, and found a historic lost VW Beetle sitting in a garage with a broken transmission. Two days later, with a new gearbox, Jamie and car were off on the 3,000 mile drive back home.

November 2016 – Jetta Limo Challenge – Drive from Jamie’s workshop near Philadelphia, to Las Vegas, Nevada, in a 1985 VW Jetta 6 door stretched Limousine, in under 36 hours. 2,500 miles were covered in 31 hours, in a little 4 cylinder stretch.

May 2016 – USA to Worthersee 1 – Rebuild a rare VW Golf, and ship it from the USA to Europe, for a trip to one of the world’s greatest car events. And some laps of a snow covered Nurburgring race track.

September 2015 – Argentine Pilgrims – Helping a Argentine family, traveling from their home to Philadelphia, in a old VW Bus. Their bus died on a dangerous section of I-95 only 100 miles short of their destination.

January 2015 – Mexican School Bus – Driving a Chevy van from Pennsylvania to Mexico, to trade it for a bright yellow VW Bus that was used for school children. Jamie and his friends were literally held at gun point by a Mexican Cartel, until a price was negotiated for their release. The Bus then made it to Arkansas before the original motor finally gave out..

April 2014 – The Corrado Magnums – Two prototype VW Corrados, the only two ever made, were discovered by Jamie to be eligible for importation to the USA. The owner flew to Europe to oversee their loading into a ocean container, and soon the cars were on display at events in the USA.

June 2012 – The Desert Swallowtail – While attending an event in Las Vegas, Jamie heard of a rare 1974 VW sitting in a desert west of Reno, Nevada. Driving literally through a storm that closed roads and toppled tractor trailers, the car was found, purchased, and then towed all the way back to Pennsylvania.

May 2008 – Brazilian Parts Run – In search of bumpers, and other large parts, Jamie flew to Sao Paulo, and on to Curitiba, Brazil.