• #5K to CampFest

    5,000KM ACROSS SOUTH AFRICA IN A Citi Golf “R ish” The annual SA CampFest is likely the biggest event held for enthusiasts of Volkswagen cars in Africa, and definitely the biggest in South Africa. Each year I’m very fortunate to…

  • Volkswagen R-GTI 2006 Concept

    Volkswagen’s R-GTI Concept – unveiled at the SEMA Show in 2006. Back in 2006, Volkswagen’s new facility in California, along with other departments at the company, built and released this wild Golf GTI Concept for the SEMA Show in Las…

  • Volkswagen Corrado Magnum Prototypes

    In late 2013 I was contacted by John K., a member of the VWVortex forums, who had purchased the special prototype vehicles in Germany. He had stored them in the Netherlands, with hopes of importing them to his home in…

  • The Spanish Audi Hearse

    Fly to Spain, buy a Hearse from a Funeral Director, drive it non-stop across Europe, to one of the most infamous race tracks in the world..

  • The Junkyard Harlequin Rescue

    Flying 3,000 miles to rescue a rare car from being crushed in a junkyard, fixing it inside the junkyard, and driving it all the way home - in only 5 days total!