Volkswagen R-GTI 2006 Concept

Volkswagen’s R-GTI Concept – unveiled at the SEMA Show in 2006.

Back in 2006, Volkswagen’s new facility in California, along with other departments at the company, built and released this wild Golf GTI Concept for the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

With lots of custom and bespoke pieces dotted around the car, there’s much more to find on it than just the big front bumper. And that flat black finish? That was a later change, after the car had been driven by the press and others on the roads and tracks across the USA.

After that, the car was thankfully kept alive and saved by some amazing people at the company, albeit tucked away and gathering the dust that you see on it today (and more – it rained while I was transporting it!).

There’s lots of period correct details and articles on this car around the internet – and sitting on USB sticks – from 16 years ago. Here’s a MotorTrend Article from 2006 :

Thanks again to everyone involved in bringing this car to life, and along it’s journey to today. I’m glad that their hard work can be seen and am very grateful to be able to share it’s story now.

Derek Jenkins :

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